Star Wars: Tales From the Galaxy's Edge

Lead UI Artist

End-to-end design for all in-game UI features. Menus, AR-in-VR hud elements, custom shaders, tutorials, localization, settings, motion graphics. I also manage all user-facing UI text and mission content, and work with game designers to untangle the spaghetti of nonlinear story progression.

I'm the first UI/UX designer ever hired at ILM. I shipped all the UI for the first launch in November 2020 in just 5 months. For our follow-up release, I maintained and improved core features and also created an immersive character experience for our bounty hunter story.

Key design challenges:
VR comfort and accessibility
Balancing expectations for new users versus experienced VR players
Spatial navigation
Game mechanic comprehension
Keeping the focus on the story experience
AR in VR spatial cues
More documentation coming soon...enjoy some images below.

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