Product Concept Pitch
Design & Engineering

MODA introduces hardware to more diverse audiences of fashion designers, artists, performers, makers, and researchers. Because inventing the great wearable products of the future will be about finding intuitive tangible interactions that involve the whole body.

MODA makes it easier to start prototyping electronics projects through plug-and-play modules. Plus, the MODA mobile app greatly lowers the barrier to coding.

Unique to the MODA system, components are joined to the micro controller via pluggable cables. This facilitates building wearable prototypes where components may be spread out across the body.

This was informed by user research. I found that designers were frustrated with how existing modular electronics kits were limited by the fragility and length of their connectors when used for wearable projects.

MODA facilitates creating ideas where electronics are embedded and movable, not just sitting in an enclosure.