The Bounty of Boggs Triff

UI/UX, Lead UI Artist

This tale unlocked within Tales of the Galaxy's Edge was a fan favorite. You play as the infamous assassin droid, IG-88.

I worked closedly with the experience design director and lead gameplay engineer for this level to create extremely story-driven UI that also served a wide range of new game mechanics.

I created a unique HUD UI system to give a distinctively assassin droid play experience. The monochrome green and geometric elements reference vintage arcade graphics and real-life military HUD displays.

Working with the script, I created the "scan" feature and corresponding Aurebesh translation animation to punctuate jokes and plot themes.

To keep those draw calls performant, I animated all motion graphics with meshes and shaders using timeline nodes in Unreal. Small details like the audio bars, rotating targeting reticles, and hmd-oriented scanlines are subtle special touches.

Play it, it's super fun in VR.

Mode switching

To keep the HUD usable and not overcrowded, I designed a mode-based system to swap between idle, combat, and special tasks like 'door-breaking'.