Amazon Made For You

Amazon Fashion
UI/UX, core product technology

It's one of the holy grails of "future fashion" product concepts--being able to accurately render the fit of clothing onto a 3D body double. But data on clothing fit and its relation to manufactured patterns and human bodies is almost non-existant. So, Made For You takes the ground-up approach...manufacture the shirts to fit the bodies.

I synthesized design and engineering requirements from different teams, wrote technical specs, provided domain area expertise, and planned user testing. My work simplified complexity, helped push the technology forward, and improved understanding of user expectations.

I built the first working version of the custom pattern generation engine for manufacturing t-shirts from body measurements generated by the machine learning algorithms. The system allowed for different 'fit styles' and variations in neckline and sleeve length.

My system allowed for importing clothing patterns made by an apparel designer, assigning measurement variables, and generating custom patterns with a visual previewer. I worked closely with the machine learning team in NYC (formerly Bodylabs).

I also did the early UI and motion studies for the consumer mobile app. The product had a long private beta, and launched in 2020.

Amazon Product Page

"Amazon is offering Made for You as a new, own-brand offering which initially will allow made-to-measure, customizable T-shirts to be manufactured and shipped direct to your door. The Amazon app on iOS or Android is used to determine your body measurements and 'create your virtual body double.' After that, you can customize and purchase T-shirts either on your mobile device or using a desktop browser."