Form, function and design were never meant to be separate; in the future, footwear will be adaptive, responsive, transformative and customized to you and your needs. The athlete will be protected from common lower extremity injuries and will be able to achieve peak performance, making them unstoppable.

With a system of gyroscopes and pressure sensors, ADAPTIV moves air pressure or fluids throughout the shoe to support your body’s shifts and motions. Instant Adaptability means that your footwear will constantly be adjusting itself to your body’s shifts and motions.

ADAPTIV is SOLS’ vision of the future of footwear.


I did most all of the 3D-modeling in Blender. It was printed by Shapeways in their “Elasto” SLS material. We used a Form 1+ desktop SLA for the gradual prototypes before ordering full prints. Completed 3 rounds of full prototype prints in about 4 weeks.

I also hand-sewed about over 100 Adafruit “neopixel” LEDs onto fabric into order to fit the custom circuit into the shoes.