“Myth” is the first 3d printed shoe collection designed for ready-to-wear. Each design is 90-100% made from components manufactured on small desktop machines, optimized for scalable 3d printing production. Hand finishing on the shoes is kept to a minimum, in keeping with the goal of making finished consumer products from 3D printers, so that designs manifest directly from digital to physical. There is a definite feeling of magic when pulling out a complete shoe from a glowing box.

This product was selected by Time Magazine as one of the “Best Inventions of 2014”.

The collection contrasts overtly digital geometry with very organic, natural forms. The tree-like designs are inspired by Bernini’s statue of Apollo and Daphne– the story of the nymph who turns into a laurel tree. These designs were created to exemplify the beauty of how objects are made on a 3d printer, where the object “grows” layer by layer. The triangulated design is inspired by Tron, and computer graphics…avatars in video games that are composed of low resolution polygons. So they are both about the body transformed, and myths old and new.

To make a wearable shoe, I iterated through dozens of prototypes and tested possibly 40 different filament-type thermo-plastic 3D printing materials. The entire process took about 6 months.